Willie Mays
An Original Painting
by Sanford Holien
An original painting commissioned by a private collector. Capturing the excitement generated by the iconic Willie Mays during his tenure as the Greatest Player in Baseball. The multi-image painting shows the many facets of Mays - the outright joy of playing the game, incredible power at the plate, daring baserunning, incomparable ability in center field - no one ever did it better!
Contact us if you are interested in acquiring an original Masters Edition giclee of this extraordinary image.This unique and original multimedia artwork is for the art collector who appreciates the finest expression of the artist's style and technique. Holien applies texture and pure color with palette knives and brushwork over a Giclee foundation. After his original work on the canvas, it is mounted in a deluxe multi-profile frame with a fabric covered liner and a custom signature inset to display the personal autograph or memento included with the painting.
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