"As an artist, you look for great moments to inspire and challenge your creativity."

Since he started sketching on every piece of paper he could lay his hands on, Sanford Holien has sustained a passion for drawing and painting rivaled only by his love for sports and competition.

Holien, born in Chicago, moved to Montana at an early age and later to the Pacific Northwest. He is a graduate of the Burnley Institute of Art.

As his artistic skills developed, so did his passion and participation in a wide range of sporting activities. He grew up with an enthusiasm for whatever sport was in season - baseball, basketball and football. Later he participated as a formula race car driver, and is still an accomplished downhill skier, sports fisherman and avid tennis player.

Well known for his dramatic, painterly style and unique viewer perspective, Sanford Holien has been painting the greatest moments in sports history for over thirty years. His artwork is on display in homes and corporate collections throughout the United States and abroad.

Violent motion, powerful composition, expressive angles and colorful action bring his subjects to life. Holien continues to capture the emotional involvement, physical intensity, concentration and powerful presence of his subjects, giving his collectors a rare treat.